Our products

  • Vector® Ball is a Cognitive Vision Training device used to improve an athlete's information processing ability and Speed of Reaction.
  • Standard Foam Rollers

    • STANDARD FOAM - Medium firmness and density foam roller.
    • AWARD WINNING - Runner's World Magazine editor's choice 2018.
    • IMPROVED ACTIVATION & RECOVERY - Simulate oxygen rich blood flow and improve muscle mobility and flexibility.
    • IDEAL SHAPE - Contours fit your body to reach and target muscles while avoiding bones and tendons.
    • CONVENIENT SIZE - 18'' length and ultra lightweight for easy travel.
    • DURABLE - Professional grade heat sealed EPP foam that is easy to clean, doesn't lose form, and can hold over 2000 lbs.
    • SUPPORT- Includes an easy to follow user guide and downloadable app.
  • Customized Kinetic Training Apparel - Athletic Hats
  • This is the tiniest hammer, but trust us… it’s one tiny titan. Weighing in at 10 lbs, this Bitty BAMF will help fitness newbies ease into the world of heavy hammering. It also is a great piece to have in a collection of hammers to help practice some movements that may initially be too complicated at a heavier weight. No matter why you buy a bitty, you’re gonna be assured a fierce workout! Every hammer is handmade and may vary slightly in shape and weight.
  • 6 week reboot program Includes: a Zoom call, biomechanical movement signature analysis, plus a 6 week program focusing on correcting their individual issues.
  • Offer a coaching development program for training coaches in marketing and business development titled "Become A Kinetic Training Coach". This program will be a 12 week coaching program for $100 per week.


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