Kinetic Elasticity Bundle

Kinetic Elasticity Bundle


Zephyr Mat, The Breath Belt, and WearBands

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The Breath Belt:

The Breath Belt provides non-stop tactile breath cues where the internal distraction objects are placed. When the user actively resists the internal distraction with each breath, there is an immediate relief of the muscles restriction the prime lumbar stabilizers, the PSOAS and QL. As decompression of the the lumbar spine continues, the hips reset to an improved position allow the gluteal muscles to better serve their purpose.


  • 10 built-in stabilizing supports & internal sleeves
  • Secure, double-belt closure for customizable active compression
  • High performance fabric is lightweight, breathable & fabric infused to reduce odor
  • Allows full range of motion while supporting lower back during activity
  • Wear under or over clothing

Zephyr Air Mat:

Beautiful, durable, and sleek our in-house brand of custom designed AirTrack mats inspire athletes to train more.


– Softer landings than traditional foam or rubber mats
– Easier on the joints allowing for more reps
– Perfect for all aspects of fitness and conditioning training
– Appropriate for home gyms or professional gym businesses
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Wear Bands:



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